Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Newbie's Guide to my Favorite Place AKA Where to Go if You Find Yourself in Ocean City, Maryland

BlogHer NaBloPoMo Prompt of the day:
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Describe a favorite place. Focus on how that place affects your sense of taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell. (Guest Post by Adrienne McDonnell, author of The Doctor and the Diva)

Ocean City, MD (OCMD) is easily my most favorite place to be. You could find something to do every night of the week and never get bored! I know it sounds like I've been going there all my life, but in reality it'll be four years next summer. Within the past four years, I've created so many memories, met some cool people, and tried new things. As a side note, I'll be taking you through a typical week at the beach for me and showing you the things I've experienced. There is so much more to see and do that I haven't done already, but like I said this is my point of view.

When most people think of the beach they think of just that: water, sand, waves. When I think of the beach, I think of the food. I swear, the second you go on vacation the food you eat ALWAYS gets better. I love going places that don't have chain restaurants because you get to experience tastes you don't normally get to. Every time we go, we always go to the same restaurants and that works for us. This time around, we tried somewhere new to us called Dead Freddies. It was the last night of our vacation this past July and we wanted to go some where we hadn't been all week. I'm so glad we picked there because seriously it was hands down one of the coolest places to eat in OCMD. They had a play area for kids, the food and drink menu was huge, and everything was pirate themed! We made a mental note to add it to our list of places to eat next summer and I can't wait til we can go again. In addition to Dead Freddies, we always go to Bull on the Beach(atleast twice) and Big Peckers. Next summer, I'd like to try Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill and actually eating at Seacrets.

One final place we go to every single night, rain or no rain, is Dumser's Dairyland. They have the BEST ice cream in OCMD and it's obvious by the amount of people you see waiting in line. Their flavors are out of this world and there are so many toppings to choose from.

As for going out, we stick to one place: Seacrets! We can't go to the beach without making a trip there at least once. I love it there because it's like one giant beach bar covered in sand. During the day, you can lay/sit out on tubes and tables in the bay and spend the whole day doing it. At night, the place transforms into a night club. One of my favorite things to do is to watch the girls wearing heels try and walk in the sand. Other than Seacrets, we've spent nights drinking in our hotel room because when it comes down to it, it's much cheaper.

Writing this made me realize just how much I miss the beach and how much I LOVE OCMD. I've got a note in my phone already from this summer of things to do next summer and I can't wait to experience them. I thought I'd end this blog post here and continue it another time talking about the different things to do and see. One thing's for sure, I'd take a vacation to OCMD over going to some tropical island any day.

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