Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For a friends birthday, I decided to make wine glasses instead of buying them. We all LOVE the Lolita glasses, but I figured instead of spending $60 for glasses that are really cute and fun, they aren't exactly personalized to what I want. I was mainly looking for glasses with our names painted on them, but one of my friends has a very uncommon name so I figured I'd never find one for her. Instead, I looked up ways to do it myself and found that it's much easier than it may seem. My only issue with painting our names on was my lack of a steady hand.

After I baked on the paint, which confused the hell out of me, I hot glued gems on. The paint bottle instructions weren't very specific when it came to baking the paint and I found instructions that were different online. I went with the instructions I found online and they worked well. This was definitely a cheap project I'd use again in the future, maybe for bridesmaids or birthday/Christmas gifts.

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