Sunday, November 13, 2011

Like I said last night, I was going to give curling my hair with socks a try. The video makes it look super easy and it really was easy to do. I think because my hair is thin and layered, it gave me more problems than I expected. First, tucking your hair into the sock is a bit difficult the first time and a few times the sock fell on the floor lol. Second, actually tucking it in the whole way down is sooo much easier once you get a rhythm going. Finally, I hate how inconsistent my hair is. The right side of my head I only had to do it once and it stayed and looked good. The left side took atleast 3/4 times before I got it tight and all tucked in. The video shows the woman doing it in a pony tail, but I chose to put my hair in pig tails because of it being short and layered which I think made it a bit harder because I was working with less hair. Also, my part isn't straight down the middle or to the side, it starts over the beginning of my right eyebrow and goes on an angle to the back of my head... sounds weird but it gets parted like that so I have more side bangs. Next time I try this, which will definitely be this week, I'm going to try doing it her way.

Now when I went to take the socks out of my hair it was definitely curly, but it wasn't a look I'd sport everyday. If I had longer, thicker hair I'd use this method often, but a curling iron or my straightener for curling my hair works just fine for me.

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