Thursday, November 10, 2011

I've got about 230 friends on Facebook, which is perfect for me because they're all family members, past/present friends, past/present coworkers, and people I met at school through the years. I know that on Sunday/Monday, anywhere between September and January, I'm going to see statuses about football. I know that around the first or second week of December and end of May/beginning of April, I'm going to see statuses about finals and graduating and Christmas/summer break. I know all summer long I'm going to see the same statuses about the beach, everyone working, and no one looking forward to the end of summer. I know around the holidays everyone posts the same statuses about wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Halloween. I know that when certain shows are on TV, I'm going to see repeating statuses about that show being on. I also know that when new movies/video games/songs are released, if you're into it then you're updating your Facebook status about it.

At times, these statuses get repetitive and I look forward to when the time passes and Facebook statuses go back to being updated with normal everyday stuff. What I will never understand is why there are people on Facebook who complain about seeing the same statuses over and over again. Like I said, I have 230 friends and yes, I see repeats but I expect that with that many friends. If you've got over 1000 friends, you've got no room to complain about repetitive statuses because of course you're going to see them! As stupid as this may sound, this irritates me to no end. These are the same people who post a handful of statuses a day and complain on each one of them and then try to tell people the should be more "original" when it comes to posting on Facebook. Its Facebook!! Anyone who's had Facebook for longer than a minute can see that its bound to happened, whether you have 5 friends or 1600 friends, you can't avoid it.

I know it's Facebook, but it gets really irritating day after day when you see the same handful of people complaining about other peoples status.

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