Sunday, April 1, 2012

For Christmas this year I made myself and my best friends no sew tie blankets. They looked SO easy to do, but after the first one I wanted to give up and I only had to make 3. The main side is leopard print fleece and the back is black fleece. They are so SOFT and WARM! I love them. The first one was the hardest to make because it was my first time, but the other two were a lot easier after figuring out what worked best. Each blanket I made uses 2 yards of print fleece and 2 yards of black fleece. For those of you don't know, one yard is 36 inches so these blankets were about 72 inches long. I love long blankets so this wasn't a problem, but if you're going to make one for a child or pet I would suggest using less fleece.

What you need:

  • Fleece
  • I bought 6 yards of Anti Pill Black Fleece and used 2 yards per blanket
  • I also bought 6 yards of Anti Pill Fleece Print-Cheetah and used 2 yards per blanket
  • Scissors for obviously trimming and cutting
  • Ruler for measuring the blankets
  • Pins - I used them for keeping the two pieces of fleece together, they really helped keep the fleece matched up so they wouldn't move
  • Square piece of 4"x4" cardboard
  • Another person is helpful... I did the first one myself and the other two I had help from my mom which made a huge difference in getting the last 2 done faster

How to:

  1. I lined the fleece up as best as I could and placed a pin every foot to keep them together. You want the dull/faded looking side of both fleece on the inside and the bright side obviously on the outside.
  2. With the print side facing up, I trimmed the edges of all 4 sides so you don't have the black fleece longer than the print fleece. A ruler/tape helped with cutting in a straight line.
  3. From the cardboard the fleece was wrapped around, I cut a 4"x4" square. With this square, I place it in each corner of the fleece and cut it out. This step really helps with tying each piece of fleece together.
  4. After the corners are cut out, I laid down a ruler from edge to edge to form a straight line and cut along at every 1 inch mark. By doing so, you're getting even ties cut. You do this for all 4 sides of the blanket. After awhile, I was able to eye it with my thumb so I didn't need to use the ruler.
  5. Finally after cutting everything, I tied the top piece of fleece to the bottom and went along removing the pins. Don't tie it too tight or the blanket will pull. I've read on different websites to tie every other one to avoid pulling, but I just did every tie loosely the first time. I did go around a second time pulling them a bit tighter.

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd you're done! They loved this blanket and after I got the hang of it, it turned out to be really relaxing to do. The best part about this blanket is that it doesn't have to be perfect. None of my ties matched, one might have been one inch wide and the next two inches and the next half an inch. But, no one noticed and that was the best part!

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