Friday, December 9, 2011

Tonight for dinner I made chicken rolls with buffalo, barbeque, and teriyaki. I've tried them once before using spring roll wrappers not knowing that they would never crisp up. This time I used egg roll wrappers and it worked perfectly! Considering I'm still living with my parents, they typically make dinner every night and I know they get tired of it, so I'm trying to find new things to make instead of the usual dinners consisting of chicken/pork/beef/turkey.

This was SUPER easy! I'm not ashamed to admit that the only part I couldn't do was actually cook the chicken, I left that up to my mom. I can't touch raw meat. If I have to do something with raw meat, I use a fork to avoid touching it. After the chicken was cooked on the stove, I shred the chicken and mixed it with some sauce: barbeque, buffalo or teriyaki.

Then, I laid out the egg roll wrappers on the counter and in the center I placed a nice spoon full of chicken on top. I also put a pinch of shredded cheddar cheese on top of the chicken.

Next, you bring up the bottom and fold the sides in. Before folding the sides in, you need to wet the corners for them to stick to the roll.

Wet the top of the wrap before folding it down, like an envelope.

Finally, it says to spray them with cooking spray or brush oil on them and pop them into a 400 degree oven for 15 minutes. I kept them in there for an extra 5 minutes because I felt like they weren't brown enough.

They turned out really really good. They would be perfect for a party to be picked on before the main meal. I would definitely do a few things different in the future. I think I might have used too much chicken in them and that's why they didn't roll but laid out flat. They definitely need something other than cheese added. Also, I felt like I was putting SO much sauce on the chicken but when we went to eat them you could barely taste it. So, definitely add more sauce than you think they need. The egg roll wraps are good for up to 2 months in the freezer, so we're going to freeze the rest and bring them out next month to try with something else. My mom suggested ground beef with cheese or pulled pork with coleslaw and cheese.

Source: Can You Stay For Dinner?

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